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Blackwell's five minute veterinary consult clinical companion : small animal dentistry

Autor: Heidi B Lobprise
Editorial: Ames, Iowa : Blackwell Pub., ©2007.
Serie: Five minute veterinary consult.
Edición/Formato:   Libro impreso : Inglés (eng) : 1st edVer todas las ediciones y todos los formatos

This unique manual is the ideal clinical reference for practicing veterinarians, a quick reference for students on rotations, and a supplemental or core text for related classes in the DVM program.

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Género/Forma: Handbooks and manuals
Handbooks, manuals, etc
Guides, manuels, etc
Tipo de material: Recurso en Internet
Tipo de documento Libro, Recurso internet
Todos autores / colaboradores: Heidi B Lobprise
ISBN: 0781762308 9780781762304
Número OCLC: 70328003
Descripción: ix, 414 pages : illustrations (chiefly color) ; 26 cm.
Contenido: Dentistry Diagnostics Section: Chap 1: Oral Exam/Charting --
Chap 2: Periodontal Probing --Chap 3: Transillumination --
Chap 4: Intraoral Radiology (*scope may be more limited than other texts) Techniques Section (bulleted format, not text) --
Chap 5: Complete Dental Cleaning --
Chap 6: Root planing/Periodontal Pocket Therapy --
Chap 7: Gingival flaps --
Chap 8: Extraction technique Oral/Dental Disease sections DEVELOPMENTAL ORAL/DENTAL PROBLEMS --
Chap 9 Retained deciduous teeth --
Chap 10 Cranial Mandibular Osteopathy --
Chap 11 Enamel hypocalcification/hypoplasia --
Chap 12 Eruption Disruption/Abnormalities: delayed eruption; operculum; embedded --
Chap 13 Abnormal tooth number: decreased --
hypodontia; anodontia; --
Chap 14 Abnormal tooth number: increased --
supernumerary --
Chap 15 Abnormal tooth shape/development: macro, micro, germination, fusion, dens-in-dente, dilacerated --
Chap 16 Dentigerous Cyst --
Chap 17 Tight Lip --
Chap 18 Palatal defects primary and secondary --
Chap 19 Bird Tongue (or in Tongue section) --
Chap 20 Malocclusions and Orthodontics ACQUIRED ORAL/DENTAL PROBLEMS Periodontal Section --
Chap 21 Halitosis --
Chap 22: Periodontal disease Gingivitis --
Chap 23: Periodontal disease Periodontitis --
Chap 24: Gingival Hyperplasia --
Chap 25: Oronasal Fistula --
Chap 26: Stomatitis --
Chap 27: Oral Ulceration/CUPS Enamel/Dentin problems (or Hard tissue abnormalities Enamel/Dentin) --
Chap 28: Discolored teeth --
Chap 29: Caries Chap --
30: Attrition/Abrasion Endodontic Disease --
Chap 31: Tooth Fracture --
Chap 32: Tooth Root/ Apical Abscess --
Chap 33: Pulpitis Neoplasia Section --
Chap 34: Epulides --
Chap 35: Melanosarcoma (from Melanocytic Tumors) (oral section) --
Chap 36: Fibrosarcoma (from Fibrosarcoma, gingiva) --
Chap 37: Squamous Cell Carcinoma Gingiva --
Chap 38: Squamous Cell Carcinoma Tongue --
Chap 39: Squamous Cell Carcinoma --
Tonsil --
Chap 40: Odontoma --
Chap 41: Tumors of lesser prevalence (from other 5MVC chapters) --
table --
Chap 42: Papillomatosis Trauma Section --
Chap 43: Maxillary/Mandibular Fractures --
Chap 44: TMJ --
Chap 45: Tooth Luxation/Avulsion Feline Section --
Chap 46: Odontoclastic Resorptive Lesions (revised) --
Chap 47: Plasma cell gingivitis/phary & revised) --
Chap 48: Chronic osteitis/alveolitis --
Chap 49: Feline infectious diseases: Calici virus, FeLV, FIV (oral sections from previous chapters) Special Section Salivary Gland subsection --
Chap 50: Sialocele/Salivary Mucocoele from 5MVC 3rd ed --
Chap 51: Siaololith --
Chap 52: Salivary Gland Adenocarcinoma Other --
Chap 53: Pemphigus --
Chap 54: Myopathy (MMM) Myopathy Focal Inflammatory (Neurogenic Atrophy portion) --
Chap 55: Trigeminal Neuritis (Neer/Parent) --
Chap 56: Eosinophilic Granuloma Complex (Werner) Exotic Pets Lagomorphs and rodents (preface) --
Chap 57: Incisor overgrowth --
Chap 58: Cheek tooth overgrowth/ abscess --Appendix 1 --
Handouts Oral Dental Exam Checklist Periodontal disease : Home Care Damaged Teeth Resorptive Lesions.
Título de la serie: Five minute veterinary consult.
Otros títulos: Five minute veterinary consult clinical companion
Small animal dentistry
Responsabilidad: Heidi B. Lobprise.
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"The book has a number of client handouts, which will aid a practice if they are starting off in dentistry. A major strength of this book is that it has a comprehensive glossary and it is adequately Leer más

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